Project Description

Eternity Mangle, Christina Göthesson 2018

Eternity Mangle

The woman did not built the monument – She embroidered monogram.

MONUMENT ETERNITY MANGLE is part of an art project based on a survey, with the linen as material and women’s repeated actions in focus. By collecting towels in different materials, some with embroidered monograms, the artist Christina Göthesson wants to create a time document. This is an ongoing project that will grow and build on, into a document of time and action. The artist wants to create a piece of work that tells about the repetition of the more or less necessary actions that continue in the home’s constant processes and rarely expose themselves to the public. Repetitions of actions such as washing, repairing, mangling, and then soiling and washing again. Even though these are actions that do not seem to lead to something lasting, this is what constitutes the environment of time, life and security – A home.

neo:gallery Bolton manchester 2018